Girls Footy

Founding members of the Girls NFNL. MJFC offer three AFL Rules based sporting programs for girls aged 4 – 18.


Girls aged 4 - 12. Participants learn the basics of AFL Rules in a fun, non-competitive based environment.


Competition based AFL Rules football for girls aged 8 - 12 years of age. Girls can play in mixed boys & girls teams or female only teams with their mates.


Girls aged 13 - 18 years. Single gender competition of mixed grading to match individual skills & abilities. Girls play in teams with their mates. Development pathways open up for more serious players. Click here for more details.

2019 NFNL Club
of The Year

Girls Footy @ MJFC

MJFC are a founding member of the NFNL girls footy program.  In 2020 we continue that tradition by proudly offering your daughter the choice of three award winning program streams to help her be all she can be.

MJFC are proud to offer your child a safe and fun learning environment to help their development.

We look forward to welcoming back returning players and warmly welcome new players and their families back to MJFC in 2020.

MJFC Football  Director

MJFC are very honoured and proud to have Ross Henshaw, x2 times North Melbourne Premership Player as our Football Director.

Ross brings a wealth of experience to MJFC.

Ross acts as a Mentor to our Girl Coaches. He helps the Coaches with different training drills and has created a development pathway for female players that want the next level challenge from their footy.

MJFC Award Winning Coaches

MJFC are very humbled and appreciative to have the support of multiple award winning coaches in our Junior Girls Footy Program.  Thank you to all our coaches and parents for helping to make our football programs so successful.

Natalie Stuart, NFNL U15 Female Coach
Phil Howe, NRNL Youth Coach

MJFC Girls Footy in 2020

MJFC are proud to offer a range of age groups in 2020.

Registrations are now open and at this stage we are really excited to offer the following team lists.

MJFC Girls Footy in 2020


Girls under 10, 4.30 – 5.30pm Thursday @ Petrie Park – 6th February onwards

Girls under 12, 4.00 – 5.00 Thursday @ Petrie Park – 20th February onwards

Girls under 14, 4.45 -5.45 Wed  @ Poulter Reserve – 5th February onwards

Girls under 16, 4.30 – 5.30 Friday  @ Poulter Reserve – 14th February onwards

Girls under 18 & Senior women, 6.00 – 7.00pm Wed @ Poulter Reserve – 5th February onwards


If you have extra questions please feel free to contact the Girls Youth Coordinator for assistance.

Follow Your Favourite MJFC Team

Stay upto date with your child’s team. Either of these companies will give you lots of really useful information that parents need to know.

Please note that you will only need to use ONE of these two companies.  It is unlikely that you will need to use both. 

Please feel free to let your Team Manager know what your thoughts / feedback are regarding the service offering from these two companies.  That will help the club make a decision regarding our communication strategy for 2020 and beyond.

Stay upto date with Team App

Stay upto date with upcoming match information, ground locations, ladder positions and leading goal kickers with SportsTG. Click the links to learn more.

Stay upto date with SportsTG

Stay upto date with upcoming match information, ground locations, ladder positions and leading goal kickers with SportsTG. Click the links to learn more.

Parent FAQ's

Auskick in 2020 is $91 (inc GST).

NFNL registration in 2020 is

First Child: $265 plus $25 NFNL levy ($290 inc GST AND match fees).

Second Child: $190 plus $25 NFNL levy ($215 inc GST AND match fees).

Third Child: $130 plus $25 NFNL levy ($155 inc GST AND match fees).

Four or more siblings: FREE ($0) plus $25 NFNL levy ($25 inc GST AND match fees).

No.  The $290 is an all-inclusive fee – including match fees.  

There are no other ongoing fees.

Your fees cover:

All NFNL associated costs

Official MJFC & NFNL Club playing jumper

Weekly match fees

Weekly umpire payments

Player registrations

Player insurances

Coaching equipment

Coaching footballs 

Coaching safety equipment

Coaches training courses

Medic training courses

City of Banyule Council charges

Ground maintenance fees

Training light tower fees

Club house maintenance fees

MJFC Administration fees and club running costs

In order to maximise child participation in the game, different age groups have different amounts of players on the field.

Game day:

Junior Girls under 10 – under 14’s have 15 players on the ground with a maximum of 6 on the bench.

Youth Girls under 16 – under 18’s have 18 on the ground and max 6 on the bench.

There is a strong chance that the answer is YES!

MJFC try to encourage fun, friendships and team development and because there are 15 – 24 players in a team there is an excellent chance that your daughter can play with her friends.

Please note though, that many older age groups including Youth Girls are played to a high standard and player safety must be considered before a final decision is made. 

Different teams have different training nights and this may come into consideration as well.

On match day your daughter will need:

NFNL & MJFC playing jumper

NFNL official game day socks (short or long length)

NFNL & MJFC official game day shorts.  Home is black and away is white.

Please note that the shorts & socks are available via the uniform shop.

Mouth guards are compulsory on game day (optional for training).

Footy boots are compulsory on game day (optional for training). 

Game day water bottles are provided by the club.

There are NO weekly match fees. Thank you.

Training sessions are usually once per week and go for around 60  minutes for the younger age groups and around 90 minutes for the higher age groups.

Times vary depending on the team, the coach and the ground availability.  They are usually after school between 4pm – 7.30 pm Monday to Friday. 

Full details are listed on our Facebook page & if you scroll down this page just slightly you will see the training table listed for you.

Participation is the key with training so children only need to bring their water bottle and a desire to have fun and develop their skills.

Mouthguards are optional for training (although recommended for higher grades).

Footyboots are optional for training.

Our home grounds at MJFC are 

  1. Simms Road Oval, Montmorency
  2. Para Road Oval (North), Montmorency
  3. Para Road Oval (South), Montmorency
  4. Petrie Park Oval, Montmorency
  5. Central Road Oval, Greensborough
  6. Poulter Reserve, Greensborough

Click here for ground locations.

All training sessions at MJFC are held at the same location each week.

Please scroll higher up this page to see a full list of the training sessions according to the different age groups.

MJFC takes their commitment to player safely very seriously.  Each match has a parent volunteer as the Team Medic.  This person has a Level 1 First Aid qualification (minimum) and most have a Level 2 First Aid qualification (minimum).

It is MJFC club policy that all children with Asthma must have their puffers with them before they can take to the field.

For player safety reasons we have a strict “No puffer = No play” policy.  We thank all parents and players in advance for your cooperation on this important matter.

If you child has other medical needs please speak to the MJFC Club Medic who can work out a plan so that your child can participate and have fun safety with their friends. 

The MJFC Medical Officer’s email is –

Each team will be allocated a Team Manager.  MJFC will give the Team Manager the contact details of either one or both parents so that you can be kept informed of all upcoming matches.

Information is also available via SportsTG Website and Team App website (& app).

If you would like to volunteer as the Team Manager, please click here.

The answer to this is both yes and no.

NFNL is a graded competition and we try to match players with team mates of a similar ability and then put the team in a grading that is a good fit for everyone.

U9 and U10 do not keep official match scores.  The focus is on participation, fun and skills development.  The Game-day Scorekeeper keeps track of the  official score and then submits the result to the NFNL to make grading adjustments as required.

U11 – U18 play a full graded competition with active scoreboard.  Players on the ground and spectators in the grandstands will all know the current score during all stages of the game. 

Learn The MJFC Song

MJFC Club Song

(Sung to the tune of “The Road to Gundagi”)

We’re A Team

What A Team

We’re The Best You’ve Ever Seen

We Are The Boys / Girls From Magpie Land

While The Other Teams Are Trying

We’ll Have That Flag A Flying

Down Montmorency Way

We’re A Team In The Finals

That’s Where We Will Be

Leaving Other Teams Behind Us

Amazed At Our Speed

Black And White Is Our Pride

And We’ll Battle Side By Side

We Are The Girls / Boys From Magpie Land