Player Registration

Want to play at
Montmorency JFC

in 2020?

Check out the information below and then follow the links provided for registrations.

The links will direct you to a the SportsTG website for Montmorency JFC where you can register 1 or more players.

If you have any questions regarding MJFC junior registrations or player transfers, please don’t hesitate to contact 

Jodie Rigg – MJFC Registrations Officer

Junior registrations:  2020 NFNL Player Registrations

Auskick registrations 2020 Auskick Registration

Auskick commences 18th April at Simms Road

Auskick registrations

Auskick in 2020 is only $91 per child (inc GST).

YES! This does include a “Participants Pack” for every child.

Auskick has a single registration link.

This link will take you through to the AFL Auskick Website where you register your child and nominate them to play for Montmorency Junior Football Club.

Auskick Day: Saturday

Time: 8.30 – 10.00 am

Duration: 90 minutes

Start Date: 18th April 2020

End Date: late August 2020

Location: Simms Road Oval, Simms Road, Montmorency

U 9 - U 18 Player Registrations (2020)

1st Child

Single child playing fees are $265 plus NFNL levy $25

2nd Child

Second child playing fees are $190 plus NFNL levy $25

3rd Child

Third child playing fees are $130 plus NFNL levy $25

4th Child

Fourth child playing fees are ZERO plus NFNL levy $25

Please select how many children you would like to register.

Please follow the links to go directly to the NFNL website for player registration.
Thank you.